Wool Ball Eco Dog Toy

Wool Ball Eco Dog Toy

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Ripley loves her wool balls so much, we just had to stock them! These hand-felted 100% natural wool balls are ideal for indoor play. They are soft and light so are less likely to damage the flooring or annoy the neighbours...

Each wool ball is handcrafted by the lovely Liva in her new warehouse in Riga using natural and organic materials. Products come with no unnecessary packaging and zero plastic. A real inspiration!

See the more details section on how to wash the balls to give them a new lease of life.

Organic | 100% Natural ingredients | Plastic-Free
  • Toys are crafted with natural Latvian sheep wool sourced from Europe. Your dog will love the natural smell and feel.
  • Each ball is unique and you will be sent a ball at random. However, all balls are made with natural colours and currently we only stock medium-sized balls. 
  • Balls are washable and can be washed in a washing machine at high temperatures. On advice from Liva I placed the balls in some tights/socks before placing in the machine. After the wash, the balls had reformed and gained structural strength again! 

These gorgeous wool balls are designed for play but are not indestructible. I have been surprised at how well Ripley's balls have lasted especially after a wash. I gave Ripley two balls at once and use these balls as part of supervised play. She loves them!


Balls are handmade so can vary in size.

Ball diameter approximately 60-70mm