Dinosaur Egg Eco Pet Toy

Dinosaur Egg Eco Pet Toy

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Check out this ROAR-SOME dinosaur egg eco pet toy! Designed for small pooches and kittens these bouncy dinosaur tumble toys are the cutest! They are made out of soft but durable natural rubber and designed to satisfy chewing instincts and comfort teething pups.

Pet-Fun is a new and exciting UK company. Their products are manufactured in China using pure natural rubber sourced from Asia. All products have minimal plastic-free packaging.

100% Natural ingredients | Plastic-Free | British Company

More Details

  • This product is only suitable for small dogs or kittens (< 5kg) and is not suitable for hard chewers
  • Determined pups can pull the dinosaur out of its shell to get treats inside!
  • The granular texture helps to clean fangs and gently massage gums whilst being chewed
  • Pet-Fun source the highest quality FDA assured natural rubber for their toys. Natural rubber is a plant-based and renewable resource.

Although natural rubber is durable this toy has an easy-to-bite head sticking out. Please supervise your pets when playing with toys and remove this toy if damaged or if your dog tries to swallow pieces or chunks. No toy is indestructible. Make sure this toy is the correct size for your dog.


Small (<5kg) - 63mm | 63mm | 105mm