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Barry the Banana Eco Dog Toy

Barry the Banana Eco Dog Toy

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Ripley's favourite treat is banana so we had to stock this one!

The Barry the Banana eco dog toy by Green & Wilds has a yellow suede outer covering filled with natural jute fibres creating a super fun, light, and slightly crunchy toy! 

The suede is a by-product and ensures that this material is not wasted.

Jute is a natural, sustainable plant fibre that is 100% biodegradable.

Orders from Green & Wilds are sent to us in beautiful plastic-free packaging! This lovely British company is always trying to improve and is researching the best eco-friendly alternatives for packaging. 

100% Natural ingredients | Plastic-Free | British Company

This toy is made without using any compound that would harm or be released when chewed. However, this product is a play toy only and not a food product. 

Please supervise your pets when playing with toys and remove this toy if damaged and if your dog tries to swallow pieces or chunks. This toy is not indestructible and being completely honest Ripley did destroy this toy by licking and chewing it non-stop. I accept Ripley will destroy even the hardiest of toys as it is part of the fun for her. However, I do feel happier knowing that this toy will biodegrade and not sit in a landfill. 


length ~ 240mm | depth 45mm | width 50mm