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Our team


This is Ripley. My muse and the inspiration for Green Fang! She is a gorgeous 5-year-old bull terrier who likes nothing more than destroying toys, eating everything in sight, and having a cuddle.


Hello, thank you for visiting Green Fang! My name is Natasha and besides from being employed as Ripley's full-time dog butler, I am the founder of Green Fang. I decided to start Green Fang as I wanted to bring together a collection of pet products from brands that I trust and love; products that are environmentally friendly and good for your pet, the planet, and your purse.

I have always loved animals and the natural world. After completing my Biological Science degree I worked as a field scientist and environmental consultant for six years. During this time I also completed an MSc in Animal Behaviour before deciding to train as a science teacher. I have now been enjoying working as a teacher for four years, and after debating whether to start my own business I have decided to take the plunge and believe and invest in myself.

Through Green Fang, I hope to create a community of pet owners who want the best for their pets and the planet. Thank you for supporting Green Fang and feel free to contact me with any questions or even if you just want to chat!

Thanks again, Tash